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Interoperability Analysis of Accountable Data Governance in the Cloud

Cloud computing has emerged as a promising technology to drive innovation and leverage business development in various sectorial applications. Large scale enterprises and SMEs take advantage of cloud computing in order to benefit from cost-effective technological deployments allowing flexibility and scalability, and to offer added value solutions to their customers. However, customers’ perceptions of the risks affecting data and IT governance, especially in complex service provision ecosystems, result in a lack of trust in the ability of the providers to handle their assets in a responsible way. This paper elaborates on the general aspects of an accountability-based approach, which can facilitate organisations dealing with the cloud to comply with applicable legislation and provide more evidence that confidential and/or personal data are handled in accordance with relevant data protection legislation.

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Vasilios Tountopoulos, Massimo Felici, Alain Pannetrat, Daniele Catteddu, Siani Pearson