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The Cloud Accountability Project exploits an orchestrated set of mechanisms for addressing accountability in a preventive (mitigating risk), detective (monitoring and identifying risk and policy violation) and corrective (managing incidents and providing redress) way. The project will combine socio-economic, legal, regulatory and technical approaches and bring these together into a coherent and interoperable system of tools and services, enabling a shift to Accountability-based approaches for trust and security in the cloud. This approach follows an inter-disciplinary co-design of the Accountability assets by implementing it in different perspectives (technical, legal, socio-economic and ethical) and addressing the four main objectives of the project.

Co-design approach

Used individually or collectively, the mechanisms that are developed in the Cloud Accountability Project will make the Internet in the short- and longer-term more transparent and trustworthy for:

  • the users of cloud services who are not convinced by the balance of risk against opportunity
  • the customers of cloud services providers, especially end-users who do not understand the need to control access to personal information
  • the suppliers within the cloud eco-system, who need to be able to differentiate themselves in the ultimate commodity market.