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Automated Log Audits for Privacy Compliance Validation: A Literature Survey

Log audits are the technical means to retrospectively reconstruct and analyze system activities for determining if the system events are in accordance with the rules. In the case of privacy compliance, compliance by detection approaches are promoted for achieving data protection obligations such as accountability and transparency. However significant challenges remain to fulfill privacy requirements through these approaches. This paper presents a systematic literature review that reveals the theoretical foundations of the state-of-art detective approaches for privacy compliance. We developed a taxonomy based on the technical design describing the contextual relationships of the existing solutions. The technical designs of the existing privacy detection solutions are primarily classified into privacy misuse detection and privacy anomaly detection. However, the design principles of these solutions are, to validate need-to-know and access control obligations hence the state-of-art privacy compliance validation mechanisms focus on usage limitations and accountability. The privacy compliance guarantee they provide is subtle when compared to the requirements arising from privacy regulations and data protection obligations.

Jenni Reuben, Leonardo Martucci, Simone Fischer-Hübner
Publication Date: 
Saturday, November 28, 2015
Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
Publication Reference: 

Jenni Reuben, Leonardo Martucci, Simone Fischer-Hübner, "Automated Log Audits for Privacy Compliance Validation: A Literature Survey", Proc. IFIP Summer School, Edinburgh, Springer, 2016 (to appear).