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Evidence Collection for Security and Privacy Assurance in Cloud Ecosystems

This paper is concerned with the problem of assurance in cloud eco-systems. Currently, different technologies are used and deployed in order to guar-antee security and privacy in cloud supply chains. Although research and industry practices have contributed to the evaluation of the effectiveness of such technol-ogies, it is yet challenging to assess them in a systemic way. Therefore, it is nec-essary to device methodologies and technologies for providing assurance of whether security and privacy technologies are effective and appropriate for spe-cific cloud supply chains. This paper discusses the rationale and requirements for a systemic support of security and privacy assurance in cloud ecosystems.

Saul Formoso, Massimo Felici
Publication Date: 
Saturday, November 28, 2015
Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
Publication Reference: 

Saul Formoso, Massimo Felici, "Evidence Collection for Security and Privacy Assurance in Cloud Ecosystems", Proc. IFIP Summer School, Edinburgh, Springer, 2016 (to appear).