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Distributed Privacy-Preserving Transparency Logging

We present a transparency-enhancing tool in the form of a cryptographic scheme that enables data processors to inform users about the actual data processing that takes place on their personal data. Our proposed solution can handle arbitrary processes while offloading storage and interactions with users to dedicated log servers. On top of strong integrity and confidentiality properties, our scheme takes users' privacy one step further by making it impossible to link multiple log entries for the same user or user identifiers across multiple data processors (for distributed processes). Our proposed solution has several applications, e.g., it can make access to electronic health records transparent to the patients to whom the records relate. Furthermore, we are the first to formalise the required security and privacy properties in this setting in a general manner (not specifically for our scheme) and prove that our scheme fulfils these. Finally, we show that our scheme is applicable in practice, providing performance results for a prototype implementation.

Tobias Pulls, Roel Peeters, Karel Wouters
Publication Date: 
Monday, November 4, 2013
New York, USA
Publication Reference: 

Pulls T., Peeters R. and Wouters K., "Distributed Privacy-Preserving Transparency Logging", WPES '13 Proceedings of the 12th ACM workshop on Workshop on privacy in the electronic society, ISBN: 978-1-4503-2485-4, Pages 83-94, 4th November, 2013, Berlin, Germany,  ACM Digital Library, DOI: 10.1145/2517840.2517847.