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Data Protection Policies Tool

What the tool offers

Data Protection Policies Tool (DPPT) is a tool that Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) can use to create a machine readable privacy policy statements specification, automatically generate a technical policy file and deploy it to the component in charge of the enforcement of the policies. The tool offers a GUI which presents a set of data protection aspects such as personal data processing (personal data that will be collected), personal data retention, sending of notifications about data processing related events (notably data breach events), and access control over the data collected.

The tool innovation

The automation of the technical policy authoring task, by the means of a template-based mechanism which maps a policy statement to the template to be instantiated. A second point of innovation is the creation of a machine readable policy statements specification that enables automation of the extraction and processing of information about the policy terms.

Raising impact

Technical policies authoring, when performed by humans, is prone to errors and cannot be used at scale. The DPPT tool facilitates this task, in that the technical policies are automatically created based on the policy statements selected and specified by the CSP through the graphical interface offered by the tool. The tool also generates a machine readable representation of the policy statements that can be used to extract information about the policies implemented by the CPS. This representation enables an efficient processing of policy terms that otherwise should be performed by humans, who are required to read and analyse language policy documents.