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Audit Agent System

What the tool offers

Audit Agent System (AAS) is a cloud auditing and monitoring tool. It enables the automated collection of evidence and execution of technical audits in multi-tenant and multi-layer cloud applications. Furthermore, it enables the assessment of privacy and security rules within a cloud provider’s service. The tool provides a set of audit tasks that combine evidence collection and evaluation for a pre-defined rule. For cloud auditors, it automates many aspects of technical audits, such as the continuous collection of logs and their analysis in order to uncover potential policy violations.

The tool innovation

Conventional audits rely extensively on manual processes such as documentation reviews, log analysis, configuration setups, etc.. Furthermore, intervals in which audits are performed are usually quite long, which leaves room for undetected violations happening during that time.

Raising impact

Continuous monitoring tools are already quite sophisticated. However, our tool provides the ability to continuously assess compliance of cloud operations based on policies that are actually agreed-upon between cloud providers and their users or imposed by regulation. It is highly scalable and follows the principle of data minimization by collecting only evidence needed to detect policy violation.