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Accountability Lab

What the tool offers

Accountability Lab (AccLab) is an environment to support accountability policy writing, checking and concrete enforcement, it is mainly dedicated to privacy officers. Currently there is no formal language to express accountability policies in an abstract and readable form. It is impossible to check correctness with natural language privacy statements thus we propose a formal approach. AccLab provides support for policy conflict detection and to formally check the compliance between policies.

The tool innovation

AccLab helps to consider accountability from design time and provides the first formal domain specific language for accountability which is rooted in a rich formal temporal logic framework. Mainly it allows specifiers to check for policy consistency and compliance. The tool support is based on a web user-friendly interface with dedicated templates and a sophisticated editor with syntax highlighting and auto-completion. A component diagram editor is helping users in describing its system and generating accountability templates.

Raising impact

There is no tool which provides technical accountability policies writing, and checking. Some tools provides matching of natural language statements (privacy, security) based on ontology or more ad-hoc technics. AccLab relies on a more flexible and rigorous technique and its efficiency is comparable with other state of the art tools (model-checkers and sat solvers).