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A4Cloud Demo @ Cloudscape 2016

Thursday, March 3, 2016

A4Cloud Demo "Supporting Accountability in Cloud Ecosystems" will be presented by Vasilis Tountopoulos (ATC) and Massimo Felici (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) on March 8, 2016, in Brussels, Belgium during the Cloudscape 2016 conference

Accountability for an organisation consists of accepting responsibility for data with which it is entrusted in a cloud ecosystem. It is also concerned with the use of the data from the time it is collected until when the data is destroyed (including onward transfer to and from third parties). It involves the commitment to norms, explaining and demonstrating compliance to stakeholders and remedying any failure to act properly. This demo will show how accountability mechanisms (in particular, tools) enable organisations in being accountable in cloud ecosystems. The demo will emphasise how the combination of different tools support accountability through a demonstration in a realistic cloud supply chain. The demo will point out the use of the tools for accountability from the viewpoints of different stakeholders in a cloud ecosystem.

For more information about the demo click here!